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【テキスタイルの箱舟 Ark Of Textile】


This collection is entirely focused on the eternal respect for nature - origin of our inspiration, and the loss of the diversity in wild lives. The concept of this collection proudly presented here by textile designer MADOKA OSHIKANE refers to “fused textile” - an experimental hybrid between materials and technologies, majestically realised here by the technologies historically retained by the now-diminishing textile factories.

As Noah took every species of animal life on his ark in order to save from the deluge, an ark of creativity, in which various competent seeds of textile are cautiously kept, is now finally arriving here at a “port” after having sought in the “ocean” for the novel expression of textile other than mere colour-pattern, with the aid of the technologies as a “navigating compass” under the rich enlightenment by the “beacons” of ideas.

Ark Of Textile for Interior catalog